Heart Wise Exercise for Heart Disease

The Heart Wise Exercise program is a partnership between the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, and many organizations in your community.

HWE identifies exercise programs suitable for individuals with or at risk of developing heart disease, or another chronic health condition and can help you choose exercise programs that are “heart” friendly.

To find out if there are Heart Wise Exercise Programs in your community, see Locations.

Cardiac or Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
Heart Wise Exercise programs are an ideal complement and next step for cardiac rehabilitation graduates. If you have recently been diagnosed with heart disease, attending a cardiac rehabilitation program is one of the best things you can do to prevent another heart event. To find the cardiac rehabilitation program near you, see the listing at the Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada

Whether you have heart disease or are trying to prevent it, knowing your risk factors is key. To find out if you have any cardiac risk factors, and for information about what they are and how to manage them, go to the Heart Institute’s Prevention and Wellness Centre.

Heart Wise Exercise programs are a great way to start becoming physically active! 

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