How to Become a Heart Wise Designated Provider

A designated Heart Wise Exercise location provides approved and designated programs or classes. In some cases, these partnerships are with organizations that already offer exercise programming who wish to provide a component of that programming as Heart Wise Exercise. 

The steps for this process include:

  1. Contacting your local HWE representative
  2. Attending HWE training
  3. Having a site visit
  4. Meeting the HWE Criteria
  5. Signing the Terms and Conditions
  6. Paying the Site Designation Fee of $150

Once these steps are met, the exercise facility can use the HWE logo to identify HWE programs.  View the full Heart Wise Exercise Designated Provider Application Guide here.

Attending Training

In order to become designated, each person providing the HWE will need to take or have taken the HWE training program. This is typically done through local workshops or it can be completed through the online training program. The cost is $125/person.

The Site Visit & Meeting the Criteria

The next step would be a site visit to ensure the program in question meets the 6 HWE criteria (visit for specifics on this if you have not yet done so). We may be able to arrange this in person; alternatively we can consider doing this visit through TEAMS, Zoom or other web-based options.

Signing the Terms and Conditions

We also need to collect the signed Terms and Conditions for becoming a HWE site (please see attached). As per the terms and conditions, a few other items are required (proof of insurance for example). You will note that one of the criteria is the presence of an AED for in-person programming - if you need more information, please contact us directly. Lastly, we do ask for a letter of recommendation from a local health care provider that can speak to your desire/ability to work with this clientele - namely those with, or at risk for, chronic conditions.

Paying the Site Designation Fee

The cost for the HWE designation is $150, renewable every 2 years. This includes the site visit and designation process as noted above, as well as we would provide you with various methods for indicating your HWE programs (logos etc) and some marketing materials. We will also put your location on our website.

Get to Know Your Network

We also aim to connect you with the health care providers in the region, particularly those offering cardiac rehabilitation, if you are not already connected.

For further information on HWE, please find below some videos that could help understand our perspective.